ultraMAX S –
the efficient large-format module


ultraMAX S is the efficient large-format component in our modular wall formwork system and the optimum solution wherever “heavy-duty gear” is needed.

All ultraMAX S modules have central tie points or tie points set in from both sides, which ensures neat tie and joint patterns. Ties on one side only is another option possible with ultraMAX S. The panels consist of sturdy, hot-dip galvanised steel elements (≥ 100 cm wide) and convenient, lightweight elements (< 100 cm wide) that do not need a crane. This special combination guarantees optimised, economic crane usage. Critical areas such as make-up sections, corners or intermediate heights can therefore be set up without a crane. The connecting parts, ties, corners and accessories are the same as those used for the ultraMAX L and aluMAX modules. Therefore, the three wall formwork modules can be easily combined to achieve an optimum solution in all situations. Furthermore, ultraMAX S has clever height and width dimensions that enable height adjustment in 50 cm increments with just one basic height of 3 m.


Just one basic height

Using just three standard panels, the height can be raised in 50 cm increments to achieve any formwork height – and that with just one basic height of 3 m.

Width coordinated with height

All panels have a symmetrical format so they can be stacked horizontally or vertically. That simplifies relocating with a crane.

Solid frame corners

Indestructible, with lever edge

Innovative connector

The MST R 35 coupler ensures no misalignment and also enables the inclusion of a make-up section 0–10 cm wide between two panels.

Ties on one side only with standard ties (optional, only if required)

Prepare formwork to rear of wall for inserting/removing ties from one side by removing sleeves from rear formwork and inserting special nut fittings.

On formwork to front of wall, insert standard DW tie bars with spacers and sleeves.

Tighten nut – finished!



  • Central tie points or tie points set in from both sides ensure neat tie and joint patterns.
  • Innovative coupler stiffens and aligns panels.
  • Optional: one-sided ties with standard DW tie fittings.
  • Max. 80 kN/m² fresh concrete pressure with minimum deflection – also for the lightweight panels thanks to their unique design.
  • R 35 alignment coupler for 90° corner solution without ties.
  • 25-year rust-through warranty.
  • Speeds up work on site.
  • No time wasted waiting for a crane, because ‒ where it makes sense ‒ panels can be set up without a crane.
  • Sensational formwork setup times.
  • With identical accessories and connecting parts, no time is wasted searching and sorting.
  • Optimum utilisation of materials.
  • Just ONE wall formwork system with different modules for ALL applications. The identical connecting parts, corners and accessories can be used everywhere.

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