lightweight hand-set formwork


aluMAX is the lightweight hand-set formwork component in our modular wall formwork system. The connecting parts, ties, corners and accessories are the same as those used for the wall formwork modules. Therefore, the three modules can be easily combined to cover all applications.

aluMAX is simply ingeniously simple

The aluMAX system has just six different panel sizes. Each panel consists of a frame only, which can be easily faced with any desired formwork sheeting or lining. There are no internal or external corners. Make-up sections need nothing more than sheeting plus a few accessories.


aluMAX is suitable for diverse applications and results in very economic solutions, especially where a crane is unavailable or simply doesn’t make sense.


Vielseitige Einsatzmöglichkeiten | Mayer Schaltechnik


Tie points integrated in the frame

Tie pods integrated | Mayer Schaltechnik

Concrete pressure up to 60 kN/m²

Clever: whether horizontal or vertical, the lowest tie point is always at least 25 cm from the base. Ideal when using waterstops or water bars.


Tie points optimised with PRIMAX walings

Tie pods optimised | Mayer Schaltechnik

Example: fair-face concrete / moving large panels by crane

Panel sizes and weights:

Alumax Element | Mayer Schaltechnik

Panel connection: the alignment coupler ensures a firm connection.

Panel Connection | Mayer Schaltechnik

  • True hand-set formwork, only 24 kg/m².
  • Only six panel sizes based on a simple 50 cm grid to suit all formwork requirements.
  • Frame and sheeting on separate levels, thus allowing easy, flexible adjustment to suit any plan layout.
  • Any type of sheeting or lining can be used.


Huge savings potential

Speeds up work on site
No time wasted waiting for a crane, because ‒ where it makes sense ‒ panels can be set up without a crane.

Sensational formwork setup times
With identical accessories and connecting parts, no time is wasted searching and sorting.

Optimum utilisation of parts and materials
Just ONE wall formwork system with different modules for ALL applications. The identical connecting parts, corners and accessories can be used everywhere.

Alumax Prospekt | Mayer Schaltechnik Wandschalung Prospekt | Mayer Schaltechnik

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