ultraMAX L – the universal module


ultraMAX L is the universal wall panel formwork in our modular wall formwork system. The connecting parts, ties, corners and accessories are the same as those used for the hand-set and large-format modules. Therefore, the three modules can be easily combined to cover all wall formwork applications.

Wide range of applications

This wall panel formwork does not need a crane and covers a wide range of applications from garden walls, house basements, refurbishment projects and housing right up to smaller commercial and industrial projects. The frames are nevertheless still robust enough to be moved by crane and can also be combined with the large-format ultraMAX S modules.

ultraMAX L ‒ the intelligent system

The heart of the system is the 100 cm wide element. This is used wherever possible, and this 1 m grid makes formwork planning amazingly simple and practical. Elaborate preparations are therefore a thing of the past. Determining the materials required for a wall 12.14 m long, for example, is a very simple exercise (12 pcs. 1 m panels, 14 cm make-up). The 1 m grid also enables cast-in parts to be set out quickly and reliably.

ultraMAX L is economic

With its long service life (robust, corrosion-resistant design) and low costs for cleaning, repairs and refurbishment, ultraMAX L reduces the life cycle costs by up to 50%. That’s what comparable systems have to compete with!


The standard element, 100 cm wide x 300 cm high, weighs just 71 kg. Hence, this lightweight part is easily handled by two workers without the time-consuming wait for a crane.
Just one connector

The robust alignment coupler ensures a firm connection between panels.


  • Sets new standards in terms of weight/performance/price ratio, e.g. the 3 x 1 m panel weighs only 71 kg.
  • Max. 60 kN/m² fresh concrete pressure.
  • Amazingly simple formwork planning thanks to symmetrical panels based on a 1 m grid.
  • Practical panel sizes with just one connector.
  • Speeds up work on site
  • No time wasted waiting for a crane, because ‒ where it makes sense ‒ panels can be set up without a crane.
  • Sensational formwork setup times
  • With identical accessories and connecting parts, no time is wasted searching and sorting.
  • Optimum utilisation of materials
  • Just ONE wall formwork system with different modules for ALL applications. The identical connecting parts, corners and accessories can be used everywhere.

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