Housing development

A residential complex with 128 owner-occupied apartments, two ground-floor business units and basement parking has been built in the Espan district of Fürth. The development included 11 000 m² of floor slabs. To ensure good progress on site, building contractor Lupp decided to use precast concrete elements for the 20 cm deep floor slabs. And to save time when propping the precast concrete planks prior to pouring the in situ concrete topping, this experienced contractor used the miniMAX system from Mayer Schaltechnik together with standard steel props instead of installing H20 timber joists, which is time-consuming.

“miniMAX considerably reduces the number of props required and leads to several other advantages. 3500 fewer props in Fürth means much less work. Taking all floor slabs together, that easily amounts to 350 hours.” That is how supervisor Thomas Grüner sees it, and he already has experience of this modern system. Site manager Benjamin Pilz agrees: “That also means much less steel that has to be transported to and from the building site and moved around on site, which eases our limited storage situation as well. Reducing the number of props also reduces the number of small parts. We only need half the number of tripods, and fork heads are not required at all.”

The miniMAX system consists of aluminium beams that have a much higher loadbearing capacity than any timber joist. To exploit this better performance, the beams have fixed spigots for positioning the steel props. The spigots are positioned so that the structural performance of the double and single beams is exploited to the full, likewise the loadbearing capacity of every single prop. Additional props erected “just to be on the safe side” are not required and so there is no “forest of props”. This efficient use of materials enables contractors to reduce the number of props needed by almost half. That means 40–50% fewer props that need to be set up and taken down on site, transported, kept in stock and stored, or hired or purchased – including all accessories. The floor slabs of the new residential complex in Fürth could be erected much faster than usual by using the miniMAX system. Mr. Grüner sums it up: “miniMAX helped to make sure that we could hand over the housing complex on time and keep within budget.”


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