Multi-storey car park, Frankfurt-Ostend

The multi-storey car park in Frankfurt-Ostend was built entirely from precast concrete elements and cost around 5 million euros. The Lupp company from Nidda near Frankfurt won the tender for the shell construction work, while the Lupp subsidiary Oberhessische Spannbetonwerk supplied the precast concrete elements. Columns and parapet slabs made of precast concrete elements are standard in the industrial sector. In residential construction, around 90% of floor slabs are precast concrete elements with in-situ concrete covering, and this construction method is also being used more and more frequently in industrial and commercial construction, where loads, spans and floor heights are increasing. Although precast concrete ceilings can be installed quickly, the support required before the in-situ concrete ceiling is installed is often underestimated.

On some sites you will see H20 timber formwork beams supported on telescopic steel props – a time-consuming method. It is much quicker, and hence more economic, to use Mayer Schaltechnik’s miniMAX system for supporting precast concrete floor slabs – a system well established in the housing sector. MST can now supply other beam formats so that the miniMAX system can be adapted to the increased structural requirements of industrial buildings.

The miniMAX system

MST’s miniMAX system for precast concrete floors has only two components:

The 3.75 m long double beam is the basic element and has two spigots for fixing props at a spacing of 2.40 m. The beam is symmetrical and can be extended at both ends with single beams. There is also a double beam 2.4 m long designed for a prop spacing of 1.6 m which is suitable for the deeper slabs of industrial buildings. The single beams are available in lengths of 3, 2.25 and 2.1 m, and are fitted with just one spigot for a prop. Any room size can be accommodated by sliding a single beam between the two parts of a double beam. Further double beams can be set up as required. In this arrangement the spigot on the single beam can be slid as far as the spigot fixing plate under a double beam in order to exploit the maximum span of a single beam.


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