Production building, Lauf an der Pegnitz

Temporary corbels instead of falsework

The PAX HD formwork can be used to produce square or rectangular columns with any cross-sectional dimensions between 20 and 120 cm – extremely economical and dimensionally accurate, but without formwork losses. The columns for the new building of Emuge-Franken, a production building in Lauf an der Pegnitz, were mostly too slender at 70 x 70 cm to support the four incoming precast concrete beams, so the work preparation team had to find a solution. Surrounding each of the 400 or so columns with heavy-duty scaffolding was out of the question for Werner Feihl, head of formwork preparation at Klebl, as this would have been too costly in terms of materials and labor. They would also have reduced the distance between the supports, as guard rails would also have been required in some places. Therefore, in consultation with Mayer Schaltechnik (the Ischebeck representative in this region), the Klebl team opted for an extremely economical solution: Ischebeck WK 1000 aluminum wall props – used for the first time on a Klebl construction site.

The Ischebeck wall-mounted supports can be used wherever conventional falsework or support towers cannot be erected or are uneconomical – as in this situation. A large, conical screw anchor was mounted on the sheeting on each side of the folding PAX HD column formwork. The wall-mounted supports were then screwed to these so that the loads from the beams could be transferred directly to the columns – no less than 7 t on each side. Once the beams had been set to the correct level by means of a screw jack on each support, the joints could be concreted. The supports had then fulfilled their purpose as temporary corbels and so each conical screw anchor was simply removed using a special wrench. Therefore, contrasting with other cast-in parts, no unwanted items remain on the structure – a potential cause of unsightly rust stains at a later date. All the parts of the Ischebeck wall-mounted supports can be reused, there are no costs for any consumables.

The “small” WK 1000 wall-mounted support can carry up to 100 kN (10 t), the larger WK 2000 version up to 240 kN (24 t). In order to maintain the prescribed minimum component dimensions and edge distances, the four screw anchors at the top of each column had to be installed at different levels. After removing the screw anchors, the holes in the columns were closed off with mortar, but they can also be used for further erection work when fitting out the building.


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