Secondary school, Osterburken

Skilful solution

The architects’ demanding brief for this project – in terms of the appearance of the concrete inside and outside – was easily fulfilled with the PRIMAX formwork from Mayer Schaltechnik.
The contractor for the structural works, Boller, from Distelhausen south of Würzburg, enlisted the help of Mayer Schaltechnik’s formwork experts for this project – secondary school in Osterburken

The task

Walls 25 cm thick (built as separate panels with closing panels concreted later), mainly with fair-face class SB 3 finish and complying with the special requirements of the DBV recommendations.
Formwork area: 4800 m2 – with smooth interior faces for classrooms and a rough-sawn boards finish for exterior faces. In addition, the concrete surfaces had to have consistent joint and tie patterns with minimal tie points plus square corners without bleeding.

The striking feature of the new school is its 10.4 m high foyer, which required 8.6 m high walls to the stairs with an SB 3, smooth concrete finish and minimal tie points. A concrete lift height of this order of magnitude requires the formwork to comply with other requirements as well, because DIN 18202, Table 3, Line 7, only permits a deviation of 3 mm/m. According to that standard, the formwork may not deform even under the full load of the wet concrete.
However, the PRIMAX telescopic formwork was able to comply with the flatness tolerances, even for the walls more than 8 m high. And in the difficult areas of the stairs where the wall heights rise in steps from 2.5 to 8.6 m, the easy handling of this steel beam formwork proved itself in practice. With a permissible concrete pressure of 100 kN/m2, PRIMAX allows even tall walls to be concreted quickly without the panels deforming.


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