Hospital, Feldafing

After a construction period of around 12 months, Kreuzer was able to accept the shell of the hospital in Feldafing just in time. This success is mainly due to the Ischebeck TITAN HV slab formwork and the careful preparation by Kreuzer and the efficient formwork team. Around 3500 m² of formwork material was ordered from Ischebeck’s partner Mayer Schaltechnik for the approximately 16,000 m² large, 25 cm deep floor slabs. The sheet metal and steel props required came from the warehouse of the Kreuzer Group company Glass in Mindelheim. Experienced site manager Wikterp Haseitl had never used TITAN HV slab formwork before, but was quickly convinced: “The formwork team worked much faster with the HV system than with a conventional wooden beam system.” Site manager Michael Wenzel adds: “Even a modern frame formwork system would not have been any faster due to the large number of columns.” This successful implementation of the project now serves as a reference for future construction projects.

Openings and penetrations no longer a problem

The flexibility of the slab formwork really comes into its own for layouts with numerous openings and penetrations. In contrast to timber joist formwork, in the TITAN HV system, the main and secondary beams are all on one level. The secondary beams are not laid on top of the main beams, instead hooked on the main beams so that their top surfaces are flush. Even before the sheeting is laid and without having to nail or clamp the beams, the result is a braced, stable grid. And where main beams encounter a column, for example, the direction of span is simply changed, i.e. the beam is laid at 90° to the original direction by simply hooking another main beam onto the first main beam and placing a prop underneath.

Ischebeck can supply these main beams in six lengths from 1.15 to 5.03 m. Secondary beams are available in three lengths from 1.15 to 1.70 m. Beam lengths can therefore be selected depending on the particular plan layout and the positions of walls, columns etc. – even for diagonal or curving walls. That significantly reduces the work involved in any make-up sections. The quick-action drop-heads also result in huge time-savings because they allow early striking without having to remove props. The drop-head fits all customary props. A hammer-blow is all that is needed to lower the main and secondary beams by 10 cm. All the beams can then be completely removed and are immediately ready for the next concrete pour – likewise most of the sheeting.


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