“Pandion The Shelf”, Berlin

Around 390 columns with dimensions between 30 and 55 cm and heights of 3.3 to 3.8 m support the six floors of this new office building “Pandion The Shelf”
Berlin. The architects required square edges, but only an exposed concrete quality of SB 2 or SB 3. However, to be on the safe side, the Lupp construction company went one step further. The highest surface quality was the construction company’s goal, as project manager Nils Witschonke explains: “As a safety factor, so to speak, so that the required quality can be reliably maintained throughout the entire construction process.” Christian Gübel from the Lupp preparation team asked his long-standing formwork partner Mayer Schaltechnik in Bergrheinfeld the following question: “Can your Pax HD column formwork also handle angular edges in SB 4?” MST sales representative Walter Siegler promptly answered with a convincing: “Yes, of course!” Company founder Bernhard Mayer launched the PAX folding column formwork on the market around 25 years ago. Although Mayer admits that the patented PAX has been imitated over the years, the original PAX HD – now in its second generation – is still the market leader.

Easy-to-use column formwork

The two versions, PAX HD 60 and PAX HD 120, can be used to build square or rectangular columns with any dimensions between 20 and 120 cm in 5 cm increments without changing the sheeting, without any wastage. PAX HD 60 covers cross-sections from 20 x 20 cm to 60 x 60 cm, the larger PAX HD 120 dimensions up to 1.2 m. The two types can be combined. Besides the standard heights of 270 and 320 cm, there are also 70 and 120 cm extension elements plus a 40 cm high extension panel. Therefore, any height is possible up to concrete lift heights exceeding 9 m.

Furthermore, PAX HD can handle a maximum concrete pressure of 120 kN/m² – an impressive figure that means there is practically no “speed limit” for the rate of placing concrete. The four steel frames in the form of folding “wings” are simply folded inwards to set up the formwork or outwards when striking, and secured with special hooks. The improved locking mechanism with clamping tool and captive fixing hooks now enables the wings to be opened and closed without a hammer. The column formwork is relocated with a crane as a complete unit, or fitted with wheels so that it can be rolled to the next location. In doing so, all sundry items, e.g. concreting platform, ladder, push-pull props, remain attached to the formwork, which means that setting up the formwork for the next column only takes a few minutes. The sheeting is screwed to the frame from behind, so there is no risk of screw, rivet or nail marks spoiling the finished concrete surface.


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