Production building, Selb

Precast concrete elements save time

The new production building was based on relatively narrow precast concrete elements. However, that meant more joints: with a wall height of 5 m, about 1000 m of joints per storey. That added up to 4000 m of joints needing to be sealed prior to filling the cavity with concrete, to prevent cement slurry seeping through the joints. Prior to this contract, AS-Bau had used timber battens, a method that is not only uneconomic, but rarely produces satisfactory results. Such battens are difficult to fix securely in place – screws, shot-fired pins and adhesives all damage the panels – and even filling the joints with foam is not an ideal solution.

Economic and durable

For the Selb project, AS-Bau opted for a much more long-lasting and, above all, more economic solution, and therefore ordered about 500 m of FLUXX bars from Mayer Schaltechnik. These V-shaped spring steel bars are quickly and easily fixed tightly in place to close off joints reliably and achieve results that satisfy even the most critical architect. It was not only the anticipated good results that convinced AS-Bau to choose this method, but also the cost-savings. AS-Bau site manager Johannes Dimmling explains: “The timber solution employed in the past was priced at about 10 minutes for every one metre of joint. In addition, there was the cost of procuring the battens and disposing of them afterwards. Using the FLUXX bars, we now manage roughly three metres every 10 minutes. In other words, we have trebled the performance – and without any waste whatsoever.” The cost of the bars is recouped very quickly, mostly after the third or fourth use. “On this building site alone, we were able to use our 500 m of FLUXX bars eight times,” as Mr. Dimmling proudly tells us. So the economics of this investment are not an issue.

Ever since Mayer Schaltechnik launched its FLUXX system, timber battens and foam for sealing joints between cavity wall elements to prevent cement slurry leaking out have been relegated to the past. The clever joint closure bar for walls is available in 1.0 and 1.5 m lengths and has rationalised building with precast concrete wall elements enormously – excellent joints in record time!
FLUXX bars are made from galvanised, red powder-coated steel and are easily fixed in the joints between cavity wall elements with plastic locking anchors – by one person and without the need for any tools. The spring steel bars are tightened against the chamfers of the precast elements to seal each joint reliably.


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