Primary school, Ammerbuch-Altingen

Worthwhile investment: aluminium beams in a class of their own

miniMAX from Mayer Schaltechnik thins out that “forest of props”

An economic refurbishment was not possible for the old school building in Ammerbuch-Altingen. It was therefore demolished to make way for a replacement. The pupils are being taught in another school while their new primary school plus sports hall, designed by Stuttgart-based architects Dasch Zürn + Partner mbB, is being built: a two-storey structure with a gross floor area of almost 10 000 m² costing about €15 million. As the formwork beams for an in situ concrete floor slab have to transfer the loads of concreting to the props just like with a precast concrete floor, Edbauer & Dormeyer had the idea of using miniMAX to reduce the number of props for a normal timber joist system as well.

That saves the contractor money every time slab formwork is needed. And that applies to “normal” slab depths just as much as it does for the 40 cm deep slabs here. However, owing to the heavy loads of the 40 cm deep floor slabs, the contractor had to use heavy-duty TITAN HV adjustable legs and TITAN falsework towers from Ischebeck, which extended over two storeys in the stair shaft. Calculations were carried out to determine the number of props needed, whose positions are defined by spigots on the telescoping aluminium beams. The miniMAX system prescribes a prop spacing of 2.37 or 2.21 m, and the spacing of the beams is 1 to 1.5 m depending on the slab depth. More props would just be a waste of money.

Site manager Roland Dormeyer has been using the sturdy miniMAX beams for 15 years and has only had positive experience with them up to now: “Over all the years, only once was there a little bit of damage due to incorrect leverage during striking – but that was easily repaired!” About three-quarters of the miniMAX aluminium beams and Ischebeck HV adjustable legs used on this project came from the contractor’s own stocks. Mayer Schaltechnik is also a distribution partner for Ischebeck in this part of Germany and so we could supply the additional hired materials as well.

Cutting the number of props has a direct effect on the building costs.


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