Fitness studio, Markt­heidenfeld

Versatile and robust

In Marktheidenfeld, a town between Frankfurt and Würzburg, there is a large fitness studio in a complex that includes a residential block with 14 apartments and nine “boarding apartments”.

Marquart used its ultraMAX L aluminium wall panel formwork, newly purchased from Mayer Schaltechnik, to construct the in situ concrete walls. In total, the site crews set up formwork for 1840 m² of walls and they were really convinced by the easy handling of this system. A 3 m high x 1 m wide panel weighs only 70 kg, and so setting up and striking formwork could even continue when the crane was busy elsewhere. The work was also made simpler by being able to attach metal or timber walings etc. to any intermediate member with the MST waling clamp or being able to attach the MST folding concreting platform and individual brackets. Equipment is not always handled with kid gloves on a building site. But ultraMAX L can cope with this, because the panels have solid corners with integral holes for lifting and lever edge. They can withstand the occasional heavy hammer-blow or the use of a crowbar during striking.

System-based formwork

The lightweight ultraMAX L, the heavy-duty ultraMAX S (steel frame) and the lightweight aluMAX hand-set formwork together make up the Mayer Schaltechnik range. All three systems are compatible with each other. The connectors, tie parts, corner elements and accessories are all identical, which means that there is no risk of using incorrect parts, no time wasted searching for and sorting different sets of parts. One particular feature is the simple 1 m grid on which the panel dimensions for the entire Mayer Schaltechnik range are based. Therefore, site personnel can plan formwork easily and work out requirements in their heads.


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