Mayer MST steel props


The right prop for every job

The high-quality MST steel props easily comply with international and EU standards. Their many practical features make them easy to use. Virtually any formwork height is possible with this comprehensive product range.


Hot-dip galvanising

  • The outer tube (including thread) and the inner tube are manufactured first and then hot-dip galvanised.
  • Full immersion of the hollow tubes ensures that both inside and outside are equally well protected.
  • Extremely long-lasting, robust, zero-maintenance corrosion protection

Generous material thicknesses

  • Thick walls of high-quality steel (made in Europe)
  • No special impact protection required

Smooth, self-cleaning external thread

  • The optimised special thread ensures that the adjusting nut is easily released even under heavy loads.

Hand and drop-out protection

  • Proven safety feature ensures safe working
  • Bent prop pin (G hook)

Adjusting nut

  • Forged
  • Captive handle
  • Also available in custom colours

Safe applications

  • No need for calculations or design work
  • Class D/E to EN 1065 guarantees a constant, high loadbearing capacity of at least 20 or 30 kN.

Upside-down use

  • The identical plates on inner and outer tubes at both ends ensure that MST steel props can be used upside-down.
  • Easily adjusted from floor level – even when fully extended.
  • Higher loadbearing capacities (see loading table)

Quick lowering feature (on request)

Height markings (on request)

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