miniMAX aluminium beam system


The leading system for supporting precast concrete floor planks

When supporting precast concrete floor planks using conventional methods (H20 timber joists), it is left to the contractor on site to decide on the spacing of the props. This means that, on the one hand, the work cannot be planned properly because no definite quantities can be specified in advance. On the other hand, in some cases it means setting up at least twice as many props as required by the structural calculations.

This unsatisfactory practical situation led to Mayer Schaltechnik GmbH formulating a new brief for the supporting beams. There were two main objectives: The number of props used had to be minimised by exploiting the permissible load to the full. And for users, the system had to stipulate unambiguously where a prop was needed. The result of the development work was the miniMAX beam system. In this system, up to 50%(!) fewer individual parts and props are required for a complete beam because a predetermined grid is used for the telescopic props and the loadbearing capacity of the individual props is used to the full.


Comparison of floor slab support systems

Conventional solution with H20 timber joists

Solution with miniMAX aluminium beams

1 pc. H20 L=360 cm
1 pc. H20 L=250 cm
3 pcs. fork heads
6 pcs. telescopic props
3 pcs. Tripods= 14 separate parts!
1 pc. double beam L=375 cm
1 pc. single beam L=300 cm
3 pcs. telescopic props
2 pcs. Tripods= 7 separate parts!

Practical example of beam length and number of props

  • 22 cm deep slab
  • 1.50 m beam spacing
  • max. 2.40 m prop spacing

Example of the use of double beams 375 and single beams 300

Key product advantages

  • Infinite adjustment to suit room size and just 4 beam lengths: double beams 375, 240 cm; single beams 300, 210 cm
  • Labour-savings of approx. 0.1 h/m2
  • Ideal prop spacing = 2.40 m(!)
  • Only 5(!) telescopic props needed for 10.75 m long beam
  • Fixed prop grid
  • Fewer separate parts ‒ therefore, lower transport and storage costs
  • Number of props reduced by up to 50%

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