TITAN Aluminium Megashore System


Whether you need a single support tower or a complete temporary support structure, a table form or mobile formwork, the TITAN Aluminium Megashore System is the versatile answer for carrying all kinds of loads: in situ concrete floor slabs, precast concrete elements, steel structures, etc. This modular system made from high-grade aluminium is lightweight and robust. Assembly is quick and easy.


  • TITAN adjustable aluminium leg according to EN 16031 (Adjustable telescopic aluminium props)
  • National Technical Approval for frame/leg connection for use in falsework (Z-8.22-874)
  • Verified typical calculations to DIN EN 12812
  • Heights up to 24.60 m covered by verified typical calculations
  • Verifiable structural calculations for complex falsework assemblies – also for those not covered by type-testing
  • Leg loads up to 128 kN

  • Easily assembled with small workforce
  • Complete solution with system components
  • High-strength aluminium
  • High loadbearing capacity for a low self-weight

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Floor slab formwork

Formwork for precast and in situ concrete floor slabs
In situ concrete formwork


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