TITAN formwork accessories


TITAN formwork tie

  • Approved to DIN 18216
  • Most popular DYWIDAG thread
  • Hot-rolled thread is not susceptible to damage or low-temperature embrittlement
  • Self-cleaning coarse thread
  • Quick-action, vibration-proof thread


TITAN tie bar 15 + accessories

Groove allows easy identification, 90 kN permiss. load, welding and bending limited
permissible load to DIN 18216 = 90 kN
permissible single-lap shear load = 32 kN

Wing nut
Easily tightened or loosened with a hammer, tie bar 15, AF 28 or ratchet wrench, suitable for all waling plates, approx. 0.3 kg, galvanised

Flange nut F 70
for lightweight wall panel formwork, with 3 lugs, Ø70 mm flange, approx. 0.45 kg, galvanised

Flange nut F 100
for heavy-duty wall panel formwork, with 3 lugs, Ø100 mm flange, approx. 0.78 kg, galvanised

Hexagonal nut
AF 30 x 50 mm high, C35, limited weldability, approx. 0.2 kg, untreated

Hexagonal nut
AF 30 x 35 mm high, GTW 40, for corners of wall panel formwork, permiss. load 60 kN, approx. 0.15 kg, galvanised

Hexagonal coupler
AF 30 x 90 mm high, with centre pin, approx. 0.39 kg, untreated

Waling plate GP 12/1.0
120 x 120 x 10 mm, cold-formed, for steel waling, approx. 1.1 kg, galvanised

Threaded waling plate GWP 12
120 x 120 mm, remains attached to tie bar and functions as handle, 2 lugs prevent plate from turning when screwing on second nut, approx. 1.1 kg, galvanised

Combination plate 15
Best detached at the nominal load of 90 kN, forged, quenched and tempered, 110 x 145 x 8 mm, captive wing nut, for formwork to max. 3° battered walls without shims, approx. 1.0 kg, for 100 mm steel channel waling @ 50 mm spacing, galvanised

Welding nut
S 355, fillet weld a = 4 mm
Weld 300 mm long, for single-sided anchors to sheet pile walls, soldier pile walls, etc., approx. 0.41 kg, forged

Recoverable steel cone
55 mm concrete cover, AF 30, 100 mm, approx. 0.65 kg, galvanised, e.g. for pigtail anchor

Pigtail anchor
sacrificial cast-in part for wall thicknesses > 0.6 m, approx. 0.8 kg, untreated

Anchoring loop (hairpin)
for anchoring one-sided formwork to thin floor slabs (0.2 m), sacrificial cast-in part, approx. 2.45 kg

Tie bar wrench with open jaw
for tie bar 15 and 20, approx. 1.0 kg

Ratchet spanner
with socket for wing nuts, flange nuts and combination plate, 500 mm lever arm, approx. 2.0 kg, for manual pretensioning up to 30 kN, ensures good wall connections for flat concrete surfaces


TITAN tie bar 26.5 + accessories

permiss. load 300 kN, original DYWIDAG
Ø26.5 mm, O.D. 30 mm, grade 950/1050, approx. 4.5 kg/m, untreated, unsuitable for welding/heating, chamfered ends

Hexagonal nut AF 46 x 55
55 mm high, forged, Ø55 mm flange, permiss. load 300 kN, approx. 0.5 kg, untreated

Hexagonal coupler AF 46 x 150
150 mm high, with centre pin, permiss. load 300 kN, approx. 1.4 kg, untreated


TITAN tie bar 20 + accessories

permiss. load 160 kN, original DYWIDAG

Tie bar 20
22.5 mm O.D., grade 90/1100, unsuitable for welding/heating, chamfered ends

Wing nut AF 36
55 mm high, forged, quenched and tempered, approx. 0.4 kg, galvanised

Hexagonal nut AF 36 x 60
approx. 0.6 kg, untreated

Anchoring loop 20
permiss. load = 2 x 160 kN, ends 300 mm apart, approx. 3.8 kg

Waling plate GP 10/15
110 x 145 mm, smooth bearing face, permiss. load = 160 kN, approx. 0.7 kg, galvanised

Combination plate 20
110 x 145 mm, permiss. load = 160 kN, approx. 1.0 kg, galvanised

Waterstop Ø20 (hexagonal coupler)
AF 46, permiss. load 160 kN, approx. 1.17 kg, untreated

for waterstop 20 and spacer tube, 26 mm I.D.


Rock anchor 15

for fixing single-sided formwork to existing concrete or rock walls (e.g. bored cast-in-place pile walls).
Recoverable tie bar (test certificate 211 055 177 MPA Dortmund).

  • The permissible load of 90 kN includes a safety factor of 1.75 for failure of the material.
  • Large 18 mm expansion for soft rock
  • Spring steel strap ensures expansion
  • Contact area > 100 cm²
  • To check the seating, we recommend test-loading the anchor with a manually operated hydraulic jack.


permiss. load 90 kN
Ø35 mm hole
min. 23 cm deep hole
length 11 cm, weight approx. 0.4 kg



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