Mayer Service Programme


Cleaning, repairs, maintenance for all wall panel formwork systems

The ever more rigorous quality demands regarding concrete surfaces call for flawless formwork. That in turn calls for regular maintenance. However, in practice, it is often uneconomic for contractors to carry out this work themselves, due to a lack of time and trained personnel, quite apart from the special cleaning and repair equipment required.

The Mayer Service Programme restores all your wall panel formwork to top condition

We make sure that your formwork systems are in top condition by using the latest equipment operated by skilled personnel. All popular makes!

All work is carried out to fixed prices in accordance with agreed guidelines.



  • Cleaning of formwork ends and sides as well as sheeting/linings
  • Small repairs to sheeting/linings and maintenance
  • Minor welding and straightening work on frames
  • Complete sheeting/lining replacement
  • Metalwork and straightening tasks, checking dimensional accuracy, replacement of faulty parts
  • Complete cleaning of panel frames
  • Optimum utilisation of your formwork materials
  • 100% availability of sheeting/linings every day of the year
  • Maintenance is also economic for smaller quantities
  • The customer determines the scope of the work at fixed prices with optimum quality
  • 50% longer lifetime for sheeting/lining

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