May 31, 2021

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted that you have found your way to us and are interested in the many products that Mayer Schaltechnik GmbH has to offer. Of course, we are always trying to keep you up to date and supply you with the latest information.

You will no doubt have noticed: You’re reading this news bulletin on our new website – it was time for a new lick of paint! Aspirations regarding functionality and appearance change constantly. When we launched our previous website a few years ago, the digital world was a different place.

We hope that our new website manages the balancing act between a comprehensive presentation of our products on the one hand and a well-organised, appealing layout on the other.

The whole team at Mayer Schaltechnik GmbH is looking forward to many more successful years with you – years in which our website will certainly change with the times. We hope you enjoy browsing through the pages of our new website!


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