Universal Ultramax L multi module

Ultramax L is universal panel formwork as part of our modular wall formwork system.

The same material is used for ties, anchors, corners and accessories as for handset and ganged modules.

In this way, the three modules can be easily combined with each other, allowing them to be used for all areas of wall formwork with ease.

Wide range of applications

Our crane-independent panel formwork offers a wide range of applications, from garden walls to cellars for detached houses, refurbishment of old buildings and residential units, right through to small commercial and industrial projects. The sturdy frame construction also allows crane ganging, on the one hand, and combination with the larger panels of the Ultramax S, on the other.

Ultramax L – the intelligent system

The heart of the system is the B=100 cm unit. This unit is used wherever possible, making formwork planning in a one-metre grid the easiest and most practical system conceivable. Complicated preparatory work is now a thing of the past. Defining the material requirements for a 12.14 m wall, for example, is a simple matter (twelve one-metre units with a residual length of 14 cm). The one-metre gauge makes the calculation of additional parts a quick, reliable matter.

Maintenance of the Ultramax L units is inexpensive

Ultramax L reduces follow-up costs by up to 50% due to its long service life (robust, corrosion-free construction) and low costs for cleaning, repair and refurbishment. Systems that claim to be comparable have difficulty matching these features.

Ultramax L is easy to handle

The standard unit with a width of 100 cm and a height of 300 cm weighs just 71 kg, making it easy for two people to handle the unit without wasting time waiting for the crane.

Only one tie

Friction clamp connections between panels by means of the robust wedge lock

Essential product benefits at a glance

  • Sets new standards in weight / performance / pricing e.g. a 3 x 1 m panel weighs only 71 kg
  • 60 kN/m² concrete pressure
  • Remarkably simple formwork planning thanks to symmetrical panels in a one-metre grid
  • Application-orientated panel parts with only one tie

Excellent cost-reduction potential

  • Accelerated construction process
  • No time wasted waiting for the crane because panels requiring no crane can be used in areas where it makes most sense
  • Exceptional forming times
  • No time wasted searching and sorting because the accessories and ties are identical
  • Optimum material utilisation
  • Only ONE wall formwork system with different panel modules for all areas of application. The materials used for ties, setting up corners and accessories are identical and can be used in every context