Flexible Alumax panel frames

Alumax is lightweight manual formwork as part of our modular wall formwork system.

The same material is used for ties, anchors, corners and accessories as for the wall formwork panels.

This means that the three modules can be easily combined with each other, which allows them to cover all areas of application with ease.

Alumax is simply brilliant – brilliantly simple.

The Alumax system only requires six panel sizes. The individual sections consist of flexible frames that can be fitted to any formwork lining with ease.

There are no external or internal corners. Any necessary size adjustments can be compensated with the formwork lining and a few accessories.

Application categories

Alumax can be used in a wide range of applications and offers economical solutions especially where it is not possible or advantageous to use cranes:

The anchor points are integrated in the frame

Concrete pressure can be up to 60 kN/m²

Smart: whether vertical or horizontal, the lowest anchor point is always at least 25 cm from the ground, which is ideal when using water bars or metal waterstops

Anchor points are optimised with Primax bars

Typical application: Fair-faced concrete / large area crane ganging

Panel sizes and weights

Panel connections

Friction clamp connections between panels by means of the robust wedge lock

Key product benefits at a glance

  • Genuine handset formwork, only 24 kg/m²
  • Only six panel sizes with a simple 50 cm grid for all formwork operations
  • Panel frame and lining on separate levels, which simplifies flexible adaptation to any floorplan
  • Any kind of lining can be applied

Excellent cost-reduction potential

Accelerated construction process
No time wasted waiting for the crane because panels requiring no crane can be used in areas where it makes most sense

Exceptional forming times
No time wasted searching and sorting because the accessories and ties are identical

Optimum material utilisation
Only ONE wall formwork system with different panel modules for all areas of application. The materials used for joining sections, setting up corners and accessories are identical and can be used in every context