Heavy-duty large-area module – Ultramax S

Ultramax S is for large-area panel formwork as part of our modular wall formwork system.

The same material is used for ties, anchors, corners and accessories as for the crane-independent units.

This means that the three modules can be easily combined with each other, which allows them to cover all areas of application with ease.

The Ultramax S heavy steel frame formwork is 100% compatible with the aluminium Ultramax L panels. By combining both these systems, all the key parts (corners, intermediate levels, panel widths < 100 cm) are crane-independent.
Solid large-area panels made of hot-dip galvanised steel profiles guarantee a long, low-maintenance service life.
Thanks to the smart height and width gauges, we can provide height adjustment in 50 cm increments with a basic height of only 3 m.

Only one base height

Using only three standard units, the wall can be increased to any height in 50 cm steps. Only a base height of 3 m is required.

Width matches height

All the panels are arranged fully symmetrically and can be extended horizontally or vertically, which simplifies crane ganging.

Solid frame corners

New design of tiebar

Single-sided anchor technology with standard anchors

Ultramax S anchor system (video)

Essential product benefits at a glance

  • New design of alignment coupler aligns and strengthens. For large-area use, no further bracing with alignment rails is necessary
  • Conventional and single-sided anchoring with standard DW anchors possible
  • 80 kN/m² concrete pressure with minimum deflection
  • Contiguous anchor and joint pattern thanks to few anchor points within the panel
  • 25-year guarantee against through-rust

Excellent cost-reduction potential

  • Accelerated construction process
    No time wasted waiting for the crane because panels requiring no crane can be used in areas where it makes most sense
  • Exceptional forming times
    No time wasted searching and sorting because the accessories and ties are identical
  • Optimum material utilisation
    Only ONE wall formwork system with different panel modules for all areas of application. The materials used for ties, setting up corners and accessories are identical and can be used in every context