Aluminium beam system

The leading system for supporting Filigran ceilings

When support is needed for Filigran ceilings, conventional methods (use of H20 beams) leave it up to the user on site to decide how far apart to place the props. On the one hand, this means that work preparation planning suffers because the necessary quantities cannot be accurately defined in advance. On the other hand, it means that sometimes more than twice as many supports are used as are necessary from a statics point of view.

As a result of this unsatisfactory state of affairs, Mayer Schaltechnik GmbH applied considerable effort to phrasing a corresponding new task for the support team. The objective was to achieve two key characteristics:

To reduce the number of supports used to a minimum by utilising the permissible load to the full.

To define the exact positioning of the supports unambiguously to the user.

The result of this development project is the miniMAX support system. With this system, the predefined grid, in combination with the ability to maximise the load capacity of each individual support, means that as many as 50% (!) fewer individual components and supports are required to create the stringer construction.

Comparison of support solutions:


Solution with H20 beams

1 x H20 L=360 cm
1 x H20 L=250 cm
3 x U-heads
6 x ceiling props
3 x tripods 

14 parts!

With miniMAX aluminium props

Solution with miniMAX

1 x I-beam L=375 cm
1 x inserted beam L=300 cm
3 x props
2 x tripods

Only 7 parts!


Essential product benefits at a glance:

  • Infinitely variable room adjustment and only 4 beam lengths I-beam 375, 240 cm; insert beam 300, 210 cm
  • Wage savings of approx. 0.1 hours per m²
  • Prop spacing in an ideal field = 2.40 m (!)
  • Only 5 (!) props for a 10.75 m stringer length
  • Defined prop grid
  • Fewer individual components, resulting in reduced transport and storage costs
  • Reduction in the number of props by up to 50%
  • ROI after approx. 10-15 jobs

Practical example for stringer length and the number of props:

  • Flooring thickness 22 cm
  • Stringer spacing 1.50 m
  • Prop spacing max. 2.40 m

Use of I-beams 375 and insert beams 225 and 300

How miniMAX works (video)


Product brochure