Mayer Service Program

Cleaning, repair, renovation for all panel formwork systems

Constantly increasing quality demands relating to concrete surfaces make perfect formwork equipment essential. This presupposes regular servicing and repair. In practice, however, there is often a lack of time and trained personnel for this work, besides a lack of special cleaning and repair facilities, which are uneconomical for smaller businesses.

The Mayer Service Program ensures all panel formwork is returned to its best possible condition

  • With state-of-the-art machinery
  • And qualified personnel,
  • We can return your formwork systems to peak condition
  • For all current makes


  • Cleaning of the panel front and long sides as well as the lining
  • Minor repairs to the lining and servicing
  • Minor welding and straightening work on the panels
  • Complete panel replacement
  • Mechanical fitter and straightening work, checking for dimensional accuracy, replacement of damaged parts
  • Complete cleaning of the panel frames

All services at agreed firm prices according to binding guidelines

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum utilisation of your formwork materials
  • The formwork shell is 100% ready for use all year round
  • Even the repair of smaller volumes is carried out economically
  • The customer determines the scope of services at clear firm
    prices with optimum quality
  • Up to 50% longer formwork service life