Formwork planning

Formwork planning Efficient formwork planning for successful construction

The quality of a building and also its cost-aware construction are crucially dependent on careful, comprehensive preparation. Intensive formwork planning in advance ensures successful implementation, especially when construction schedules are tight, budgets are limited or construction projects are technically demanding.

Advisory services, planning, project support

Right from the start, it is important that there is a dialogue between architects, formwork planners & application engineers and the contractors, so that the conditions of the construction project, such as special concrete surfaces, construction processes or the use of the customer's own formwork material, can be clarified before work begins on-site.

On the basis of this fundamental data, our experienced engineers work out proposals for solutions regarding the best formwork systems to be applied to meet the wishes and specifications of the builder or architect in the most economical way.

Professionally created and designed with practical considerations in mind, our formwork solutions consist of

  • CAD-based formwork plans
  • Sophisticated cycle schedules
  • Detailed material parts lists
  • Detailed operation plans for the user on site
  • Extensive statistical calculations

Reliable and experienced employees instruct the site crew in the use of the formwork systems on site, and are also on hand to give advice and practical support as the site progresses.