Column formwork PAX

The fastest way of creating rectangular columns

The effort required to create rectangular columns of different types using conventional methods is considerable – in the context of a work site. Our objective in creating a completely new type of formwork for rectangular columns was to minimise the effort and outlay while maintaining flexibility in height and cross-section.

The newly launched PAX column formwork system has in fact exceeded our original intentions. A unique feature is the patented folding mechanism, which allows the formwork to be opened, repositioned and closed again in the shortest possible time.

The system can be used to make rectangular cross-sections of 20/20 cm to 60/60 cm or from 50/50 cm to 120/120 cm based on a 5 cm-grid. The maximum formwork height is virtually unlimited and, up to a filling height of 4.80 m, can be concreted regardless of speed.

The following designs are available:

PAX HD column 320/60*
PAX HD column 270/60
PAX HD column 120/60
PAX HD extension angle 40/60

PAX HD column 320/120
PAX HD column 270/120
PAX HD column 120/120
PAX HD extension angle 40/120

* Height/max. cross section

Schematic diagram of the opening and closing process

Essential product benefits at a glance

  • Time savings of up to 60% (!)
  • No pre-assembly or dismantling
  • No loose parts, visual control of the closing process
  • Infinitely variable height adjustment
  • Only 1 crane cycle required
  • Crane-independent movement on rollers
  • Supports in fair-faced concrete quality (edges, surfaces and joints)
  • Up to a filling height of 4.80 m, no specified concreting speed

Ratio of formwork creation time to formwork area

How PAX works (video)


PAX HD brochure