The universal frame formwork Ultramax L

Ultramax L is the universal frame formwork of our modular wall formwork system.

The same material as for the modules for manual use and for large-area use is used for connection parts, anchoring, corner solutions and accessories.

Therefore, the three modules can be combined without any problems so that they are suitable for all areas for wall formwork.

Wide range of applications

The crane-independent frame formwork provides a wide range of uses of the garden wall on the family house basement, renovation of old buildings and housing estates, to smaller commercial and industrial projects. The robust frame allows for an also moving with the crane and, secondly, the combination with the large-area elements of Ultramax S.

Ultramax L thinks

The heart of the system is the element B = 100 cm. Wherever possible, it will be used, thus making the formwork planning in meters only „conceivable“ simple and practical. Elaborate work preparation is a thing of the past. The material determination for example 12.14 m long wall is the simplest exercise (twelve one-meter elements, residual measure of 14 cm). The meter grid also makes the calibration of built-in components quickly and safely.

Ultramax L is economically in maintenance

Ultramax L reduces resulting costs up to 50% by long life (robust, corrosion-free construction) and low cost of cleaning, repair and renovation.

Ultramax L is easy to handle

The standard element with a width of 100 cm and 300 cm height, weighs just 71 kg. Thus, the lightweight is easily by two people - to use - without time-consuming waiting for the crane.

Only one connecting part

Non-positive element connection with the rugged assembly lock

Overview over significant product advantages

  • Sets new standards for the weight / performance / price ratio e.g. element 3x1m, only 71kg
  • Concrete pressure transfer up to 60kN/m²
  • Very easy formwork planning due to symmetrical elements in a metre grid
  • User oriented element sorting with only one connection part

Extremes Einsparpotential

  • Beschleunigter Bauprozess
  • Keine Fehlzeiten durch Warten auf den Kran, da in Bereichen, in denen es Sinn macht, kranunabhängige Elemente eingesetzt werden können
  • Sensationelle Schalzeiten
  • Keine Fehlzeiten durch Suchen und Sortieren dank des identischen Zubehörs und Verbindungsmaterials
  • Optimale Materialauslastung
  • Nur EIN Wandschalungs-System mit unterschiedlichen Element-Modulen für alle Anwendungsbereiche. Das identische Material für Verbindungsteile, Ecken und Zubehör ist in jedem Bereich einsetzbar