Flexible element grid Alumax

Alumax is the lightweight handset panel formwork of our modular wall formwork system.

The same material as for the wall formwork modules is used for connection parts, anchoring, corner solutions and accessories.

Therefore, the three modules can be combined without any problems so that they are suitable for all areas of application. Frictional element connection with the tough assembly lock.

Alumax is simply dead easy

The Alumax-system requires just 6 element sizes. The elements consist of flexible bars only, which can be fitted to any formwork facing, dead easy.

There are no external or internal corners. All of the remaining mass can be compensated with the formwork facing and a few accessory components.

Areas of use

Alumax can be used in a wide range of applications and offers economical solutions, especially where manual work is an advantage or unavoidable:

Anchoring points integrated in the frame

Concrete pressure up to 60 kN/m²

Intelligent: whether standing or horizontal, the anchoring points are always at a 25 cm or 50 cm distance from the floor.

Anchoring points optimized by Primax bar

Example use: exposed concrete / large-scale core shift

Elementgrößen und Gewichte

Only one connecting part

Non-positive element connection with the rugged assembly lock

Overview over significant product advantages

  • Real handset panel formwork, only 24kg/m²
  • Elements in only six sizes in the practical 50cm grid for all applicable formworks
  • Element grid and formwork facing are on separate levels, therefore easy and flexible adaption to any floor plan
  • Formwork facing can be chosen freely

Extreme cost-reduction potential

Accelerated construction process
No down time due to waiting for the crane since it is possible to use crane-independent elements, if required

Unbelievable formwork times
No down time due to searching and sorting because accessories and connection material is identical

Optimal material utilisation
Only ONE wall formwork system with several element modules for all application areas. The identical material for connection parts, corners and accessories can be used in almost every application arear