Stop-end formwork for cavity walls

FLUXX closes grooves cleanly and quickly.

The patented system puts an end to time-consuming and scruffy improvisations when completing formwork on cavity wall faces.

It consists of 2 components only:

the FLUXX-slab stop end bar made from a specially manufactured Flex steel profile which is braced with the plastic FLUXX-locking anchor in the slab joints. After the concrete work is complete, the anchor is broken off and the bar can be used again.

Area of use:

Wall plate thickness:

gap width:

ca. 50 mm to 80 mm

ca. 10 mm to 50 mm

An overview of the specific advantages of this product:

  • Fast: One stop-end is sealed in less than 1 minute
  • Only one worker is needed
  • Independent of weather conditions and usable immediately
  • No tools necessary
  • No reworking necessary
  • Less waste on the building site
  • Technical, flawless solution
  • Long product lifespan: Slap stop end bar made from a specially manufactured flex steel profile, galvanized and powder-coated.

FLUXX Funktionsweise (Film)