Column formwork

The fastest way to prepare rectangular supports

The lining of rectangular supports of various designs in a conventional way requires an enormous effort regarding the surface to be prepared. An entirely novel formwork for rectangular supports was developed to fulfil the requirement of reduction in effort and flexibility in height and diameter at the same time.

With the introduction of the PAX support formwork this requirement was more than fulfilled. Its uniqueness lies in the patented folding mechanism allowing opening, moving and closing of the formwork within a short period of time.

Rectangular cross sections of 20/20 cm to 60/60 cm or from 50/50 cm to 120/120 cm can be prepared in a 5 cm grid. The maximum formwork height is quasi unlimited and concreting is possible without speed limits up to a filling height of 4.80 m.

The following designs are available:

PAX HD support 320/60*
PAX HD support 270/60
PAX HD support 120/60
PAX HD extension angle 40/60

PAX HD support 320/120
PAX HD support 270/120
PAX HD support 120/120
PAX HD extension angle 40/120

* height/max diameter

Opening and closing procedure diagram

Decisive product benefits overview

  • time saving up to 60% (!)
  • No preassembly or disassembly
  • No loose individual parts and visual inspection of the closing procedure
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Moving requires only 1 crane cycle
  • Crane independant procedure through rollers
  • Supports in facing concrete quality (edges, surfaces and joints)
  • no concreting speed specified up to filling height of 4.80 m

Proportion formwork time to formwork surface

PAX Funktionsweise (Film)


PAX Brochure HD