Aluminum support system

The leading system when it comes to filigree ceiling support

Regarding the support of filigree ceilings when applying conventional procedures (use of H20 supports) the user may decide on site in which distance ceiling supports are to be provided. This means a disadvantage concerning the preliminary planning as it is not possible to determine definite quantities in advance. And also that more than double the amount of supports than statistically required is used.

To remedy such unsatisfactory condition Mayer Schaltechnik GmbH correspondingly defined a new support requirement. The major goal was to achieve two crucial properties:

To reduce the number of the used supports to a minimum by exhausting the admissible load

To communicate to the user where to place a support by means of asystematic system

The result of the development work is the miniMAX support system. This system reduces the number of individual parts and supports required for cross plate construction by up to 50% (!) by a predetermined grid for the ceiling supports to be provided and by utilisation of the load maximum of the individual supports

Comparison of support solutions:


H20 support solution

1 x H20 L=360 cm
1 x H20 L=250 cm
3 x girder fork
6 x ceiling supports
3 x tripodn 

14 individual parts!

With miniMAX aluminium supports

solution with miniMAX

1 x Dual support L=375 cm
1 x inserted support L=300 cm
3 x ceiling support
2 x tripod

7 individual parts!


Decisive product benefits overview:

  • stepless volume adaption and 4 support lengths only
    dual supports 375, 240 cm; inserted supports 300, 210 cm
  • Labour savings of approx. 0.1 hrs per m²
  • Distance of supports in an ideal field = 2,40 m (!)
  • Only 5 (!) ceiling supports for 10.75 m cross plate length
  • Predetermined support grid
  • Less individual parts, less transportation and storage costs
  • Reduction of ceiling supports of up to 50%
  • Amortization after approx. 10-15 applications

Practical example for cross plate length and number of ceiling supports:

  • Ceiling thickness 22 cm
  • Cross plate distance 1.50 m
  • Support distance max. 2.40 m

Use of dual supports 375 and inserted supports 225 and/or 300 en

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